Universal Single Battery Kit W/Smart Isolator

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Single Battery Kit W/Smart Isolator Universal Genesis Offroad.

Now you can remotely mount an extra battery in your vehicle or trailer as a standalone or tie it into your vehicle's cranking battery.

This kit includes:

  • Heavy duty steel tray to hold one Odyssey 34-PC1500T battery
  • Power and ground bus bars for connecting your accessories
  • 200 amp Cole Hersee smart battery isolator
  • Boost button to jump start from your second battery if the cranking battery is dead
  • G Screen port for adding the Genesis G Screen monitoring system
  • All wiring is completely done for you out of the box
  • Post clamps
  • Lead wires to connect the bus bars to the battery posts

This kit is perfect for the following uses:

  • Remotely mount a second battery and smart isolator features into other vehicles.
  • Connect to your stock battery location when you don't have room under the hood for 2 batteries
  • Expand on your existing battery bank in a boat or RV and add the smart isolator features

This kit will come completely pre-wired out of the box, but you will need to run a lead wire from the right side of the smart isolator to your existing cranking battery in your vehicle. If mounting this kit into a trailer or camper, use our quick disconnect cables on the bumper to link this kit into your vehicle's cranking battery.

The dimension of the tray, including the overall height with the smart isolator, is 10.5 Inch High and 7.375 Inch Wide. The base of the tray is 11.25 Inch Long, and the overall length including the tabs at the top for securing the lid is 12.75 Inch Long.

Optional G Screen Monitoring System

  • Need to keep a closer eye on your batteries? Check out our dual battery monitoring system - the G Screen.
  • Voltage levels for each battery
  • Remote status indicator
  • Background color changes based on battery status
  • Remote boost button
  • Completely pre-wired for you!
  • Multiple mounting options (A pillar, dash, or in an sPod over the rear view mirror)

Fitment Info
This kit is a DIY installation. You will need to find a place to securely mount the battery tray into your application.

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