Pro Eagle 2 Ton Off Road Floor Jack

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Pro Eagle designed the 2 ton Off Road Jack to be just as useful on the trail as it is in the garage. The built in sand plate gives flotation on sand, mud and loose gravel but does not interfere with the wheels allowing it to roll on solid ground. Also included is the adjustable extension (adjusts from 4" - 8") to give you added lift height. The extension locks into the included cradle when not in use, then attaches to the lift point when extra lift height is needed.


  • Overall Length = 24"
  • Outside Rear Wheel Width = 11"
  • Body Width = 6.75"
  • Lift Height w/ Extension = 25"
  • Weight = 46 lbs

This Part Fits:


Lift Height:
Floor Jack

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2 Year Full Replacement Warranty. Must Register Jack 

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Trouble Shooting

My jack only seems to go up half way then feels mushy. How do I fix it? 

On occasions the jacks will lose prime. This may happen from sitting for long periods of time without use, high heat or cold conditions, extreme vibration or from being stored vertically. This can be easily fixed. Turn the handle counterclockwise as you would if you were lowering the jack. Then pump the handle 10-12 times with full strokes. This will prime the system and push out any trapped air. Tighten the handle by turning it clockwise and it should work just fine.  

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